Brick By Brick Together

Executive Director’s Message

 In 2011, we began building this school brick by brick together. We have built the walls and the classrooms, and also a family and community. When I first imagined what realm might be, I wanted to create a school that embodied the principles of Love, Grit, and Action.

 Six years later, we are graduating our students who are moving on to UC Berkeley, UCLA, Boston University, and Stanford University just to name a few. Our students have designed and built houses for the homeless and a greenhouse for a local community center.

They have dissected a cow’s heart and performed at a jazz music competition in Santa Cruz and built a robot and performed in plays and learned how to run a small business out of their economics class. Our parents have made hundreds of tamales and organized school dances and spearhead our annual gala. Our principles of Love, Grit, and Action are made visible every day, by all, transcending our expectations and our community.

In the service of our students, we reflect, always, on what we can do better, in the classroom, so that our students are prepared to succeed in college and graduate with the audacity and tools needed to change the world. We will prepare our students to pass Advanced Placement (AP) exams, master Common Core standards, and find great success on the SAT and we will measure their growth on how they collaborate with each other, how often they iterate, and on how they contribute to building community inside and outside our walls. 

At this moment, I look back, taking great pride in our students and their growth as leaders and thinkers, each one a brick that has helped build our school community. I look forward with great pride and fire to continue to build a better REALM together each year.

Victor Diaz

Executive Director

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