Mimi Matsumoto

Mimi Matsumoto Education Specialist

My name is Mimi Matsumoto, and this is my first year teaching at Realm Charter School. I was born and raised in Chiba, Japan.

My parents were both professors and I grew up in an environment where students were always around me executing projects after projects under my father’s guidance. Since teaching came natural to me, I always worked as a tutor when I was in college. I completed my master’s degree in communication at Portland State University. I have a teaching credential in multiple subjects as well as special education from Cal State East Bay.

In our program, students will be mainstreamed and learn with their grade level students. My goal as a special education teacher is to support students to fully achieve their potentials with collaborative support among parents, teachers and school staff. I believe that children learn the most effectively when educators and family work closely together. I plan to support the students by modifying their school work, pulling them to work on their difficulties, and to push in to their classroom to support them in a general education setting. Middle school students are learning to be more independent. However, I encourage parents to check their homework and remind them to complete their assignments.

My number is 510-665-8300. My e-mail is mmatsumoto@realmcharterschool.org

I am available after 3: 15 pm.

My classroom is open to anyone. Please come and stop by!

September, 2017

Mimi Matsumoto

Education Specialist

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